choosing brushes by hair type
Hair Styling Tricks

Select Brushing By Type And Length Of Hair

Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror, wondering which brush best suits your hair type and length? There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to brushing your hair, as different types of brushes are needed depending on the thickness or texture of your locks. Choosing the right brush for your needs is key to achieving healthier, shinier-looking hair – so don’t settle for any old bristle.

Brushing or home hairdresser

The accessory lets you add volume and smoothness to your hair quickly and effectively. With the right brush, you can stop using an iron, which ruins your hair’s structure.

Brushing is a special round hair brush used in the styling process. People use two types of brushes – regular and thermal – to style their hair. The main difference between the two is that thermal brushes have special holes. These holes help the hair dryer’s air circulate better, preventing the brush and the person’s hair from overheating. If you have to choose between a regular and a thermal brush, go with the thermal brush.


Now let’s study the sizes of the brushes in more detail. The diameter of the surface of a round brush can be different, but the principle of choice is very simple: the longer your hair, the larger the brushing diameter. In addition, a round brush with a smaller diameter curls the curl more, due to which the hair acquires a beautiful waviness. If you want to straighten the strands as efficiently as possible, use a large brush. It is worth considering that this model will not add basal volume to short hair and medium-length curls.

thermal brush


Choosing the right brush is also about finding the best bristles for your hair type. For example, natural boar bristles are ideal for fine hair, as they help to distribute the natural oils from root to tip, giving you a smoother finish. For thicker and more coarse hair, nylon or plastic bristles work better in helping to detangle, while ceramic bristles heat the hair to give it a glossy shine.

Choosing brushes by hair type

Brushes with natural bristles are the best option for people with thick, wavy hair. They are more rigid and will straighten out the strands perfectly. People with thin, damaged hair should prefer brushes with nylon or mixed bristles. They delicately affect the separation of strands during blow-drying, which means they won’t damage your hair and will give you the volume you want much more quickly.

If you want to add volume to your hair and create graceful curls:

  1. Be prepared for a longer styling process. You will need to use at least two different brushes.
  2. Use a large brush at the first stage of styling.
  3. Wrap strands around a small brush, starting from the ends of the hair.
  4. Dry it with a hair dryer using warm and cold air. It will give you the desired curl and fix them in place.