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In All Splendor: 5 Ideas For Unusual Makeup For A Corporate Party

Are you looking to bring a bit of avant-garde freshness to an upcoming corporate party? Beyond traditional black smoky eyes and red lips, there are plenty of makeup options that offer more charisma and make your look stand out from the crowd. Here we will explore 5 great looks that can take event dressing up to creative heights! So, come along with us as we discover colorful palettes, sparkles galore and special techniques which will help you show off at any work gathering.

Glitter lips

We invite you to try something different with your makeup. Instead of wearing the usual red lipstick, try adding some sparkles. It won’t take long, but it will make you stand out in a crowd:

  1. Put some lip balm on your lips to moisten them.
  2. Add a layer of creamy lipstick or sticky gloss.
  3. Add the glitter on top.

Now your lips will shine brighter than ever!

Shiny lines on the face

Instead of boring arrows, you can use a line drawn below the eye with shiny eyeliner. It will make your makeup more playful and alluring. You will need a little patience to apply this technique, but it is worth it. Another option is to draw a thin line in the middle of the lower lip. It is simple, easy to implement, elegant, and very seductive.

neon makeup color

Makeup in red

If you have emerald green, deep brown, or blue eyes, then shades in a purple-orange palette will make them look even more beautiful. The main thing is to decide on the palette used for makeup. Please pay attention to the shadows’ silkiness, intensity, ability to blend and layer, and durability. A calm nude lipstick or gloss will complete the image of a sultry beauty.

Bright shades

From coral and salmon to fuchsia, bright shades make a bold statement. This look will be very effective for those who want to stand out. Since this is an evening event, you can apply more eye shadow than usual and choose brighter colors with shimmering effects. Also, do not forget about mascara and eyeliner to emphasize the eyes. Finally, apply a bright matte lipstick, and you are ready for the night!

Neon makeup color

Ultraviolet will look especially good as eyeliner for the inner part of the eye. To do this, choose a waterproof, creamy pencil that will stay in place well. The second option for using ultraviolet is shadows applied to the whole moving eyelid and its middle. Finally, the third option is best for daring people who want to be noticed because it is a bright lilac-violet lipstick that looks seductive and shimmering on the lips.

No matter which look you choose for your corporate party, experiment and find what suits you best. You don’t have to stick with classic looks – try something new and let your creativity shine!